Sunday, June 1, 2008

Julian Cope review

From Julian Cope's Head Heritage website.

What with Sir Lord Baltimore unexpectedly returning as a Christian band (Gor Lummie) and the Stooges manifesting as a Madonna-bumming post-Hives power pop combo for their comeback, it’s good to see that Brooklyn’s Mighty High is still flying the flag for sheer adrenalin’n’drug-fuelled hard rock. Their debut album MIGHTY HIGH IN DRUG CITY effortlessly surfs the tsunami thrown up by DC’s LET THERE BE ROCK-period as though redirected through Grand Funk’s scorching (and remedial) version of ‘Gimmie Shelter’; the bass fuzzing everything up without resorting to High Rise-style all-pervading filth. Released on Mighty High’s own Mint Deluxe Tapes, these guys have battened down their metaphor so tight, you can’t slide a razor blade between their concepts. Clothed in a mega-tripped-out jacket rendered by the legendary Wayne Bjerke, and replete with such songs as ‘Hooked On Drugs’, ‘Albert Hoffman’, ‘Buy The Pound’, ‘Dusted’, ‘Breakin’ Shit’ and ‘TS Eliot’ (I shit you not), could there be an erudite barbarian trip more obstinate and thorough? Me neither, C’mon!

Classic Rock Magazine review by Sleazegrinder

8 out of 10 stars, June 2008 issue.

There's no shortage of MC5 revivalists out there. All you need, really, is a white man's 'fro and a criminal guitar player and you're kicking out the jams, motherfucker. But a dedicated MC5 tribute that actually captures that seminal band's aura of roof-burning, citizen-spooking, pill-shoveling psycho-delic? Well, in that case you better head straight to Drug City. Brooklyn's Mighty High strip 60's death-trip rock down to its most primal essence: narcotic rage and screaming guitars. Every song is about scoring drugs, and they all sound like angry cops busting hippies' heads in.

Positively relentless and gorgeous in its shameless vulgarity. Drug City is a revolution-rock manifesto for creeps, cretins and sexy kidnappers. Awesome.