Saturday, December 20, 2008

Razorcake review

Not sure when this write up was posted but this is our best bad review so far!

This reminds me of the one Didjits album I have, Hornet PiƱata, but every song manages to go on about a minute too long. It’s mostly mid-tempo “rawk” and rolly stuff with a singer that sounds like he’s in a bar band. Oh, and all but one of the twelve songs on this is about getting high. The odd song out is called “Shooting Spree,” and I believe it’s about a shooting spree. Other “hit” titles include “Stone Gett-off,” “I Live to Get High,” and “Hooked on Drugs.” The joke gets very old somewhere around the start of the second song. I like drugged-out punk when it’s pulled off right, i.e. the Dwarve’s Blood, Guts, and Pussy, but where that band sounds like genuine meth-addled sex fiends who got a hold of instruments, Mighty High basically sounds like a classic rock cover band who decided to take their cues on what was cool from a couple of fourteen-year-old stoners with leather jackets and a Steve Miller fixation. I do like the R. Crumb-inspired cover art though. –Adrian

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Heavy Metal Time Machine review

I remember as a teenager being careful with the volume level on my stereo as I listened to something like "Sweet leaf". I was afraid my mom would freak if she caught me listening to it. My mother was one of those people that thought the lyrics of rock music would lead to no good and I would be on the downward spiral to some sort of hell. Maybe she was right, but bands are still singing about the same topics that they have combing over for the last few decades. Obviously this band isn't shy about their topics as the moniker and album title broadcast that this will be ode to drugs. It's all fun though as Mighty High take us on a spirited ride through their hazy, smoke-covered little world. They remind me of mid-late 1980's crossover similar to post 1986 Gang Green mixed with some early 70's classic rock. I think the cover and band name had me expecting them to be more like stoner rock. They are not though because instead of laying back and taking it slow they plow forth with a relentless assault. So this band forgoes any gloss as carve out jagged chunks of music mixing it metal, punk and more. It's an enjoyable romp though because Mighty High never get bogged down in trying to do or be too much. They have an agenda and they get in and get out while giving just enough to have us hooked. Not an album that I could listen to all the time because it's nothing do, but it's a fine effort that I could certainly play on occasion.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12/6/08 - Trash Bar

Another excellent show at Trash in Brooklyn Saturday 12/6/08. This is the only time we ever played a show where all 5 bands kicked ass. Do yourself a favor and check them all out.

08PM Whooping Crane
09PM Pigs
10PM Mighty High
11PM The Brought Low
12AM The Scrooges

Mighty High set list: Shooting Spree; The Ram; Stone Gett-Off; Drug City; Buy The Pound; Drug War; Don’t Panic; I Live To Get High; Ramblin Rose; Kick Out The Jams.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense review

My copy of In Drug City came with an interesting promo item - a combination lighter/bottle opener emblazoned with the Mighty High logo. There was a note from guitarist Woody High saying, "I know you're straightedge, but the bottle opener works for soda and the lighter for fireworks." That same sentiment applies to Mighty High's music.

Too punk for metal and too metal for punk, Mighty High revives the other late 80s punk/metal crossover scene than spawned the likes of Gang Green and SNFU and they also draw on the wild, inebriated humor of Adrenalin OD. Abandoning precision for raucousness and cleverness for insobriety, the band has a broader appeal than expected, because they're high on one drug everyone likes - fun. Not ones to be bogged down by politics or philosophy, Mighty High exudes a sense of good times that is easy to relate to even if their particular brand of fun isn't up your alley (and it is anything but up mine). Oddly enough, they spend a lot of time focusing on pot, but aside from a few more stoner rock-oriented tracks, their music more closely approximates what I suspect speed is like. It's frenetic and relentless and never stops to think.

I guess In Drug City just shows how music crosses barriers. The album is up to its ears in drug-addled silliness, yet drugs aren't needed to appreciate what makes it such a good time. Remember though kids, don't try this at home!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Kick Out The Jams live video from 10/30/08

High, live & dirty on the 40th Zenta new year - 10/30/08 at Club Europa in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Tony of the Murderlators for making this video.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday 10/30/08 @ Europa in Brooklyn

This show was a blast. We played 2 brand new songs and 2 songs off of "Kick Out The Jams" that were originally recorded 10/30/68. The Murderlators were great and Gimmiehead ruled.

Set list: Stone Gett-Off; Cable Tv Eye; Drug War; Ramblin Rose; Kick Out The Jams; Dusted; Don’t Panic (It’s Organic); Breakin Shit; Mooche; Hands Up.

Photo by Nelsha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mighty High in Classic Rock Magazine # 59

Mighty High's song "Hooked on Drugs" appears on the free Guitarmageddon CD mounted to the cover of the new issue of Classic Rock Magazine. The issue just came out today in the UK and should be available on US news stands in a few weeks.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mighty High at # 9 on the High Times Pot 40

Mighty High are currently #9 on the monthly Pot 40 chart compiled by High Times Magazine. Check out page 116 of the November issue (Cheech & Chong cover). If you'd like to vote for us to stay on the chart, send an email to or a postcard to: High Times Pot 40, 419 Park Ave South, NYC, NY 10016. You can vote as many times as you want. Go nuts!!

Monday, August 18, 2008 by Johnny Taint

Good Charlotte fan Johnny Taint (see photo below) really hated our record and gave it 2 out of 5 stars. (All mis-spellings in this review are the property of Mr. Taint).

Come on what the fuck is this? I mean I could careless what drugs people put into their bodies, shit I can’t really be a hypocrite when it come to this, but come on… With songs titles like, “Dusted”, “Buy The Pound”, & “I live To Get High” and band members with names like “Jesse D’Stills”, “TJ Whippets”, “Tommy Blow” and “Woody High”, am I really supposed to take this seriously. Here’s the thing whenever I see a band that is THIS over the top into telling people they like drugs, I just think their a bunch of Beavis and Butthead idiots. So I figure with a band being this over the top about something the music itself would be too. I was expecting a ridicules NOFX style pro-drug anthem punk rock that would make me laugh my ass off. Well..I was wrong! These dopeheads are completely serious and have hit the bong way too many times to think that this 80’s pot induced rock would make anyone other than a bar full of stoners excited. Instead of using ripped off stoner are from drug art icon R. Crumb, they should have used a plain black and white cover that simple said “ROCK MUSIC”, it’s that generic. They should have saved the money from recording and releasing this shit stain of a CD and bought some heroin to overdose and die.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Gears of Rock review

Mighty High make no bones about what they stand for; getting high and rocking out. This under the influence quartet's latest stash ...IN DRUG CITY poignaintly captures the band's raucous rock 'n roll road to excess. This tightly-wound 12-track ode to good times has its fair share of cliches, but they are for the msot part kept in check and never overshadow the thunderous drums, pulsating bass, and mountainous riffs from rolling through like an express train billowing special smoke from its engine ("Dusted", "Breakin' Shit", "Shooting Spree"). Tongue in cheek vocals with titles like "Buy The Pound" and a keep it simple and rocking delivery also assist in giving off the bloodshot eyed aura, but despite the obvious liberal stance Mighty High takes on the war on drugs, this unit's unabashed Ramones meets Fu Manchu on the Cheech and Chong bus hard rock moxie carries the wallop that even straight edge kids can rise their fists and rock to. -Mike SOS

Friday, August 1, 2008

Revolver Magazine August 2008

Quick Fix feature

Black Flag tokin', snortin', and shootin' up with Grand Funk Railroad - producing, as the group describes its sound, "Black Flag Railroad."

Singer-guitarist Woody High came up with the name of the band before he even knew how to play a single note.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I-94 Bar review (Australia)

3 out of 5 bottles from Australia's I-94 bar. The Lou Reed comparison is cute.

I like the way it kicks off – guitar riff, bass & drums kick in, then vox “I’m ready to testify, I feel it down in my soul.” Hey, neat! “Cos I been smoking angel dust, And now I’m outa control.” Oh dear.

Fucking hell, even I feel a bit embarassed for these guys. And I once wrote a column titled ‘I Love Drugs’ The album actually has a bass solo, just to prove that too much drugs really can fuck you up.

Musically it aint too bad. Fairly straight forward punkrock kinda stuff, but played tight & hard and with enough musical imagination to keep your attention. They’ve got a neat rhythmic groove happening, too, sitting here at a puta, it’s kinda toe tapping and if you were to catch ‘em at a gig, you might dance, espcially if you were halfway thru a bottle of vodka and had just smoked your third joint to take the edge of that line of speed.

And then I hear a line like “We’re puking on the stage and we’re ready to deal.” The vocals are sang in a particularly clear voice, and mixed high and mostly dry in the mix. You can’t miss understanding every last word. There’s no wit or humour about any of it, it’s just this relentless barrage of the often mundane realities of devoting a life to getting wasted. Woody High tends to sing in your face, as it were. It’s kinda like the drug-fucked punk equivalent of gangsta rap.

And then you get a song like "Breaking Shit", another humourless ode, this time to destroying David Bowie records and it occurred to me – maybe ‘Mighty High’ are an FBI or ATF plant? The sound of all those breaking bottles at the end of that track are gonna scare the kids off a drug-fuelled lifestyle, lest they end up writing lyrics like these. Fuck, it’s working for me already.

Lou Reed never had to write “Drug city, here I come, let me in right now.” No, he wrote "Heroin" a love song to the drug, but like all the best love songs, full of ambiguity and mixed feelings. And a work of fucking art. - Earl O'Neill

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 7/24/08 @ Trash, Brooklyn

7/24/08 Trash Bar by Braino
With Thinning The Herd, Planeside, Backwoods Payback and Viking Skull. Another show where people got REALLY messed up. It was great! Gavin from Thinning has a lot of mutual friends with us so it was cool to finally meet up with him.

Backwoods are friends with Mess With The Bull and are a great band and awesome people. Hopefully we'll be playing with them again soon. This was also the first show ever in America of Viking Skull. Jess Margera from CKY is their new drummer. This was definitely the loudest show ever at the Trash Bar. Owen from the Everyothers did a great job behind the board. Walt and Joey from the Bullys were there, too. Maximum stone gett-off was achieved.

Set list: Hands Up; Albert Hofmann; Shooting Spree; I Live To Get High; Stone Gett-Off; The Ram; Breakin Shit; Mooche; Dusted; Hooked On Drugs

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lucid Culture review

Try listening to this cd without cracking a smile. You can’t. It’s impossible. The best parody bands know their source material inside out, which is apparent right off the bat with these completely over-the-top, Spinal Tap style Brooklyn metalheads. In the case of Mighty High, it’s the MC5 and early 70s “hard rock” – what heavy metal was called before the term was appropriated from a French comic book series - that they rip off. Production aside, the sound is pure 1971, your basic, by-the-numbers riff-rock with all the right flourishes: loud, simplistically flashy, absolutely meaningless bluesy guitar solos, scales, feedback, bass doubling the guitar line, hoarse Bon Scott-style vocals and a fixation with drugs. A lot of this is laugh-out-loud hilarious, especially the way the album ends. Some sample song titles and lyrics:

Dusted: “Living for a high to make me die, I’m getting dusted…”

Hooked on Drugs: “You never believed it could be so bad, living at home with mom and dad…I feel good, and I’m hooked on drugs. YEAAAAAH!!!!” Yes, there is a brief break for cowbell at the end of the song.

Escape from Daytop: “We’re puking on the stage and we’re ready to kill.”

The title track: “Quit your job and start your day off high.”

Drug City: “Bring the prices down, you gotta set it free, we’ll turn the whole world into Drug City.”

The jokes aren’t limited to lyrics. The various guitar solos on Buy a Pound range from the sublimely awful to the ridiculous, particularly when the song goes doublespeed. Albert Hofmann, a homage to the man who first synthesized LSD, pillages the Blue Oyster Cult classic Dominance & Submission. Is this to suggest that Swiss scientist was a Nazi? Shooting Spree, a tribute to a sniper in a tower, features a break with cops on a bullhorn. The one-liners are so good it wouldn’t be fair to give them away. I Live to Get High edges into the 80s with a solo lifted straight from Iron Maiden, but it’s great all the same. The cd closes with T.S. Eliot, a rap-metal number: “You don’t like it. So what. We do!” Fans of Tenacious D, Rawles Balls, Satanicide and, yeah, Spinal Tap will love this album. Or spin this for just about any fun person you know who has a sense of humor and a taste for loud music (and intoxicants – it’s probably best appreciated in combination with several at once). Mighty High plays Trash Bar at 10 on July 24.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stone Gett-Off shirt now available

You know you want one. $15 postpaid in the USA, $20 postpaid in the rest of the world via (send funds to Throw an extra $5 on and we'll send you a CD with the shirt!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Julian Cope review

From Julian Cope's Head Heritage website.

What with Sir Lord Baltimore unexpectedly returning as a Christian band (Gor Lummie) and the Stooges manifesting as a Madonna-bumming post-Hives power pop combo for their comeback, it’s good to see that Brooklyn’s Mighty High is still flying the flag for sheer adrenalin’n’drug-fuelled hard rock. Their debut album MIGHTY HIGH IN DRUG CITY effortlessly surfs the tsunami thrown up by DC’s LET THERE BE ROCK-period as though redirected through Grand Funk’s scorching (and remedial) version of ‘Gimmie Shelter’; the bass fuzzing everything up without resorting to High Rise-style all-pervading filth. Released on Mighty High’s own Mint Deluxe Tapes, these guys have battened down their metaphor so tight, you can’t slide a razor blade between their concepts. Clothed in a mega-tripped-out jacket rendered by the legendary Wayne Bjerke, and replete with such songs as ‘Hooked On Drugs’, ‘Albert Hoffman’, ‘Buy The Pound’, ‘Dusted’, ‘Breakin’ Shit’ and ‘TS Eliot’ (I shit you not), could there be an erudite barbarian trip more obstinate and thorough? Me neither, C’mon!

Classic Rock Magazine review by Sleazegrinder

8 out of 10 stars, June 2008 issue.

There's no shortage of MC5 revivalists out there. All you need, really, is a white man's 'fro and a criminal guitar player and you're kicking out the jams, motherfucker. But a dedicated MC5 tribute that actually captures that seminal band's aura of roof-burning, citizen-spooking, pill-shoveling psycho-delic? Well, in that case you better head straight to Drug City. Brooklyn's Mighty High strip 60's death-trip rock down to its most primal essence: narcotic rage and screaming guitars. Every song is about scoring drugs, and they all sound like angry cops busting hippies' heads in.

Positively relentless and gorgeous in its shameless vulgarity. Drug City is a revolution-rock manifesto for creeps, cretins and sexy kidnappers. Awesome.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jersey Beat Reviews

Split decision at

Jim Testa liked it!

These Brooklyn mooks have been rockin’ the boroughs for 5 years now with their high-energy, old-school, kick out the jams style of raunchy rock ‘n’ roll. Given that every song they do is about doing drugs, it’s probably not surprising that they’re just now releasing their first full-length. It’d be easy enough to dismiss the band (who go by stage names like Woody High, T.J. Whippets, and Tommy Blow) as a one-joke novelty act if not for the fact that these songs really do rock, with a fuzzed-out pre-punk Stooges/MC5 adrenaline (or perhaps more accurately, amphetamine) rush. Even if you don’t get high yourself, rock and roll fans will find that Mighty High will still blow your mind.

But Dave Dillon did not!!

They describe themselves as a “classic rock inspired punk/metal band dedicated to getting loaded and playing loud.” All this has to offer is twelve boring songs about drugs that mostly all surpass the three minute mark and consistently fail to differentiate from the songs before them. I’m supposed to be impressed that a 30something from NYC is able to smoke a lot of weed when half the kids in my suburban town have been doing it since middle school? Yea, sure. Also, someone should tell these dudes that it isn’t smart to take pictures of your stash in public and then post them on the Internet. If you want to hear the same riffs and subject matter over and over, pick this one up.

New York Waste review

All the way from Brooklyn, MIGHTY HIGH send us “In Drug City” and it’s got a punch, a kick and a smack to it. This band launches into its songs with a strong bold mighty rock ‘n’ roll like something AD/DC or Ted Nugent might have done back in the day. Gets you just where you wanna be, and with Brain O doing the artwork, what’s not to love.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday 4/19/08 @ Trash Bar, Brooklyn

4/19/08 - 2nd annual GOAT THROAT FEST. Celebrate 420 a day early!
This was a heavy duty show. Playing after Puny Human and Mess With The Bull is no fun, but it was the 420 show so we had no choice. IronBoss from Baltimore was supposed to play but cancelled at the last minute. Suns of Freedom played first and had a friend with them that got a little too enthusiastic and had to leave early.

Set list: Breakin Shit; Hands Up; Stone Gett-Off; Shooting Spree; I Live To Get High; Cable Tv Eye; Buy The Pound; The Ram; Drug City; Hooked On Drugs; Mooche

Friday, March 28, 2008

Live review by Kiko Jones

Wilco fan and indie rock blogger Kiko Jones' review of the record release show
(3/27/08) at Southpaw.

What Comes Around Goes Around

Good old ‘70s hard rock, of the kind championed by the likes of Aerosmith back in the day, hasn’t curried much favor with the mainstream rock audience since Guns ‘n’ Roses reminded us 20 years ago what the fuss over Toys in the Attic and Rocks was all about. Even the stoner rock scene with its re-fried Black Sabbath riffs has enjoyed a lot more press and acclaim. But all across the country, pockets of local scenes are flying the riff flag high and rockin’ like it’s 1975, Grand Funk Railroad are all the rage, and the ‘80s never happened.

Influenced equally by hard rock, Motor City mayhem and punk of the SST variety, with lyrics that clearly would’ve made them poster children for Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No!” anti-drug campaign, Mighty High celebrated the release of their debut CD, In Drug City, headlining a no-nonsense bill with a blistering set of meat-and-potatoes rock and roll, and putting on some well-received arena-sized rock star moves for the assembled crowd. Yes, a tree grows in Brooklyn but of a very different kind for these guys.
Two of Mighty High’s Brooklyn brethren rounded out the bill: Federale, with a bluesy, twin-guitar fireworks approach that shows off how tight the band really is; and Saloonatics, a ballsy, high-octane outfit whose raw energy and old-school punk-influenced assault gives new meaning to the term power trio. All in all, it was an evening of true believers giving it all in the most direct of ways possible: loud, hard, fast. Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night, huh?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 3/27/08 @ Southpaw, Brooklyn

3/27/08 record release show
Record release show for Mighty High...In Drug City. Probably the best we've ever played. Going on after The Saloonatics and Federale is inspiring, to say the least. DJ Wake N Bake kicked out ALL of the jams throughout the night - James Gang, Flipper, Plasmatics, Gang Green, Led Zep, Curtis Mayfield, etc. Why can't more shows be like this?

Everyone that came through the door got a free copy of the CD whether they wanted it or not.

Set list: Dusted; Hands Up; Stone Gett-Off; Drug City; Shooting Spree; Buy The Pound; Breakin Shit; Cable TV Eye; I Live To Get High; T.S. Eliot; Hooked On Drugs; Mighty High; Albert Hofmann; The Mooche

Live snaps by Theo Wargo.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Heavy Planet review

New Band To Burn One To-Mighty High

Are you looking for some ass-kicking classic-rock inspired punk/stoner/metal with a lot of cowbell? Well, you have come to the right place. As stated on the band's MySpace page, "Mighty High is a classic-rock inspired punk/metal band from Brooklyn, NY dedicated to getting loaded and playing loud."

The band has been together for 5 years and just recently released their debut album "...In Drug City" on their own label Mint Deluxe Tapes. The album features 12 drug-induced slabs of punk rock mayhem. Combining the stage energy of hardcore punk rock legends Black Flag with the classic rock riffs of Grand Funk Railroad, the band's overall sound can be best described as "Black Flag Railroad".

It is really hard to say which songs on the album really stand out, because they are all really fun to listen to. I must have listened to the album at least 4 times in a row. The songs are catchy and melodic, yet heavy enough to feel like you just got kicked in the skull. But if I were to point out a few, I would have to say "I Live To Get High", "Hooked On Drugs", and "Stone Gett-Off".

One interesting thing to note about the band was that the band was formed and named without singer/guitarist Woody High even knowing how to play a single note.

The band has toured extensively with the likes of Mess With The Bull, Puny Human, and most notably the only band to ever share the stage with Thor and Valient Thorr.

So now do yourself a favor, go burn one and check this band out!

"Are you ready for some REAL rock n' roll?"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mighty High...In Drug City final artwork

12 songs and 40 minutes of pure stone gett-off, released on our own label Mint Deluxe Tapes (cat. # K812, UPC 796873038454).

Track listing -
Hooked On Drugs
Escape From Daytop
Mighty High
Breakin Shit
Drug City
Stone Gett-Off
Buy The Pound
Albert Hofmann
Shooting Spree
I Live To Get High
T.S. Eliot

Front cover artwork by Brain O)))

Inside design by Chef Vin Jovi, photos by Bride 69

Outside tray card artwork by Brain O)))

Inside tray card design by Brain O)))

Disc label art by Brain O)))

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday 2/7/08 @ Magnetic Field, Brooklyn

Jan Kotik memorial Feb 7, 2008
This was a memorial show for the awesome Jan Kotik. A shitload of friends, family and bands crammed the place to pay tribute. We played 2 songs without TJ Whippets as part of the festivities. We miss you, bro.

Set list: Breakin Shit; Hands Up.