Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday 12/14/07 @ Club Midway, NYC

12/14/07 - POLICE STORY
This is the infamous show where we got shut down by the police in mid-song. The people at the club later told me that they've been raided many times but this was the first time they ever made a band stop playing.

With Puny Human and The Scrooges (Stooges tribute band made up of Boston all stars). John Wilkes Booth drove in from Long Island and didn't even get to play. In the end, it was OK because the club actually paid everyone what they owed them.

Set list: Albert Hofmann; Shooting Spree; Dusted; Hands Up; Breakin Shit; Drug City; Buy The Pound (forced to stop mid-song by NYC PD). Songs unplayed - The Mooche; I Live To Get High; Hooked On Drugs.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday 10/15/07 @ Southpaw, Brooklyn

Seizures Palace party 10/15/07 by Brain O)))
This was a party celebrating the 5th anniversary of Jason LaFarge's Seizures Palace Recording Studio, the place where Mighty High...In Drug City was created. If you ever need a place to record, this is it. The place has a lot of great history. "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock was done there, as well as Iggy Pop's Instict album and The Ramones' Brain Drain LP. Bill Laswell uses the place a lot and some Sonic Youth albums were recorded there, but don't hold that against Jason!

Also on the bill was Child Abuse and the incredible free rock improv ensemble Steve Mackay & The Blue Prostitutes. In case you don't know, Steve Mackay is the sax player for The Stooges. Got lots of great stories from the man himself.

Set list: Hooked On Drugs; Drug City; The Mooche; Buy The Pound; Breakin Shit; Dusted; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; I Live To Get High; T.S. Eliot; Mighty High.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Saturday 9/22/07 @ Trash, Brooklyn

Zept 22, 2007 by Braino
Great show with Mess With The Bull, The Saloonatics and the Stiff Mickeys (featuring Nelson from Gimmiehead). Super Potent Death Baby cancelled due to injury.

Set list: Dusted; Albert Hofmann; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; The Mooche; Buy The Pound; Breakin Shit; T.S. Eliot; Hooked On Drugs; Mighty High; Escape From Daytop.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 7/19/07 @ Cake Shop, NYC

7/19/07 by Braino

Federales 7/19/07 flyer by Pheck.
Federale's record release party. These guys know every band in NYC but were nice enough to ask us to play. What a great night this was. We played really well because we had just finished recording the Mighty High...In Drug City CD so we were very tight. We even got paid! Our crowd was very drunk and made a big impression on the rest of the audience. Mark from The Saloonatics told everyone that he loved them and later puked all over Brooklyn trying to find his bicycle.

Blood City Shackup and Rope also played. Rope is Josh Clark, one of the engineers at the Seaside Lounge recording studio. His back up band this night was Antietam, the pride of Louisville. I met Mark and Tara of Antietam many, many years ago through the guys in Kinghorse.

Set list: Hooked On Drugs; Buy The Pound; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; Escape From Daytop; Breakin Shit; Drug City; I Live To Get High; Dusted; T.S. Elliot ; Mighty High.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 5/17/07 @ Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn

5/17/07 by Braino.
About 2 months before this show I got a package in the mail from a guy named Keith in Colorado. It contained a check for $5 for our crappy demo CD, a huge bud of potent weeed and a sticker for the band Scissorfight. He mentioned he was friends with Scissorfight and 2 of the guys had a new band with the singer from Lamont called Mess With The Bull. They were playing Hank's and Brooklyn and maybe we could play with them.

Well, we did and we were blown away by how good they were. It was only their 5th or 6th show. They did a great cover of ZZ Top's "Driving While Blind." Always take advice from anyone who sends you weeed through the mail. The You Know What were also on the bill. Their guitarist Jenny has been very supportive of us and MWTB.

Set list: Albert Hoffman; Drug City; Shooting Spree; Escape From Daytop; Stone Gett-Off; Breakin Shit’ Buy The Pound; Hooked On Drugs; Dusted; I Live To Get High.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday 4/20/07 @ Liberty Heights Tap Room, Brooklyn

4/20/07. Brainos best illustration ever
Fryday 420 maximum stone gett-off with The Saloonatics in Red Hook. This show was a blast. Despite the remote location we had a great turn out, probably because it was free. The people at the club were great and gave us lots of free beer and food. Chef Vin-Jovi brought a big batch of his magic cookies and dosed the crowd.

Oh yeah, the Betty Ford All-Stars were supposed to open but had to cancel because their singer was in rehab!

Set list: Albert Hoffman; Escape From Daytop; Drug City; Buy The Pound; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; I Live To Get High; Breakin Shit; Dusted; T.S. Elliot; Hooked On Drugs; Mighty High.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Friday 2/2/07 @ Trash, Brooklyn

This show is memorable because the metal band In This Moment opened for The Saloonatics and us. They ended 2007 by opening for Ozzy and White Zombie at Madison Square Garden! At the Trash show they spent so much time setting up all of their gear they only got to play for about 15 minutes.

Set list: Mighty High; Escape From Daytop; Albert Hoffman; Stone Gett-Off; Breakin Shit; Buy The Pound; Drug City; Dusted; Hooked On Drugs.