Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday 11/19/04 @ Continental, NYC

11/19/04 Wake N Break by Braino

This was our attempt at trying to reach some of the NYC garage rock crowd. We were opening for The Master Plan (with Adny Shernoff of the Dictators and Keith Streng of the Fleshtones) and The Waldos (with Walter Lure from The Heartbreakers). The crowd really didn't like us - we were too heavy metal for their tastes.

Keith Streng stood by the side of the stage during our set and kept looking at his watch to make sure we didn't play too long. The second we were done playing he was on stage telling us to move. We had finished our set with 5 minutes to spare and they took about half an hour to set up.

Set list: Mighty High; The Ram; Pass It Around; Escape From Daytop; Buy The Pound; Hooked On Drugs; Breakin Shit; 1 Quick Thrust; T.S. Elliot; I Live To Get High.

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