Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday 6/23/05 @ Continental

Killer show. Goat Horn from Toronto played first and blew everyone away with their highlarious old school metal attack. Too bad these guys aren't around anymore.

Next up was Dirty Rig featuring Kory Clarke on vocals. He locked himself in the band room to do coke and wouldn't let anyone in. He kept screaming about Detroit because he's from there and the Pistons won some big basketball game. All I could think about was "Kory Clarke's dude ranch" from the infamous Meatmen spiel.

After that was the debut of Gunji's new wage of mayhem - The Saloonatics. They kicked major ass and everyone was impressed that they were so tight for their first show. I think Black Tongue also played.

Oh yeah, this was a CD release party for our shitty 5 song demo that is completely embarassing. Consider yourself unlucky if you have a copy.

Set list: 1 Quick Thrust; Dusted 05; Shooting Spree; I Live To Get High; Buy The Pound; High On The Cross; Pass It Around; Breakin Shit; Escape From Daytop.

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