Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jersey Beat Reviews

Split decision at

Jim Testa liked it!

These Brooklyn mooks have been rockin’ the boroughs for 5 years now with their high-energy, old-school, kick out the jams style of raunchy rock ‘n’ roll. Given that every song they do is about doing drugs, it’s probably not surprising that they’re just now releasing their first full-length. It’d be easy enough to dismiss the band (who go by stage names like Woody High, T.J. Whippets, and Tommy Blow) as a one-joke novelty act if not for the fact that these songs really do rock, with a fuzzed-out pre-punk Stooges/MC5 adrenaline (or perhaps more accurately, amphetamine) rush. Even if you don’t get high yourself, rock and roll fans will find that Mighty High will still blow your mind.

But Dave Dillon did not!!

They describe themselves as a “classic rock inspired punk/metal band dedicated to getting loaded and playing loud.” All this has to offer is twelve boring songs about drugs that mostly all surpass the three minute mark and consistently fail to differentiate from the songs before them. I’m supposed to be impressed that a 30something from NYC is able to smoke a lot of weed when half the kids in my suburban town have been doing it since middle school? Yea, sure. Also, someone should tell these dudes that it isn’t smart to take pictures of your stash in public and then post them on the Internet. If you want to hear the same riffs and subject matter over and over, pick this one up.

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