Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What have we done wrong?

Razorcake described our first album as sounding like "fourteen-year-old stoners with leather jackets and a Steve Miller fixation" (read it here). Now they like us!

Surprisingly rockin’ and muscular for a band that professes such love of marijuana. The A side, “Cable TV Eye,” is a solid rocker, and the B side, “Hands Up!” is a live track that’s live in the sense that Kiss’s Alive II (or was it Alive?) was live. Musically (and artistically, for that matter, looking at Bjerke’s cover art), this record is like the art of Robert Crumb meets that of Peter Bagge: groovy ‘60s psychosis meets a hard-edged ‘80s and ‘90s aggression. I liked it. –The Lord Kveldulfr


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