Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Weed isn’t mentioned specifically..."

The Soda Shop has a good point -

Well Ripple Music have a gem on their hands. This upcoming 7″ split between Washington’s Stone Axe and New York’s Mighty High have paired the two for an awesome set of tunes.

First, Stone Axe delivers the goods once again. The song, “Metal Damage” is a throw back to classic Judas Priest from the later 70′s to early 80′s. Any fan of Stone Axe knows that both Tony and Dru are the best duo around to preserving music from the 70′s. This song is no exception.

Next up is Mighty High, a stoner rock band from New York. The vocalist, Woody is also a reviewer for The Ripple-Effect blog. These NY stoners really rock with their contribution “Don’t Panic It’s Organic.” It’s more of a fast paced, almost punk like rock song. Most of Mighty High’s songs are about weed. Weed isn’t mentioned specifically in the song but we all know what it’s about. You don’t even need to be on weed to enjoy it either. You can listen to the track by clicking on the band’s Myspace link below.

This split is the first for Ripple-Music. Those lucky guys got two great bands to start what could be a promising line of split 7″ records. The split isn’t available until July 7th but can be pre ordered for $5.99 on the Ripple-Music webstore. Get yours today.

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