Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday 4/20/07 @ Liberty Heights Tap Room, Brooklyn

4/20/07. Brainos best illustration ever
Fryday 420 maximum stone gett-off with The Saloonatics in Red Hook. This show was a blast. Despite the remote location we had a great turn out, probably because it was free. The people at the club were great and gave us lots of free beer and food. Chef Vin-Jovi brought a big batch of his magic cookies and dosed the crowd.

Oh yeah, the Betty Ford All-Stars were supposed to open but had to cancel because their singer was in rehab!

Set list: Albert Hoffman; Escape From Daytop; Drug City; Buy The Pound; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; I Live To Get High; Breakin Shit; Dusted; T.S. Elliot; Hooked On Drugs; Mighty High.

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