Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 5/17/07 @ Hank’s Saloon, Brooklyn

5/17/07 by Braino.
About 2 months before this show I got a package in the mail from a guy named Keith in Colorado. It contained a check for $5 for our crappy demo CD, a huge bud of potent weeed and a sticker for the band Scissorfight. He mentioned he was friends with Scissorfight and 2 of the guys had a new band with the singer from Lamont called Mess With The Bull. They were playing Hank's and Brooklyn and maybe we could play with them.

Well, we did and we were blown away by how good they were. It was only their 5th or 6th show. They did a great cover of ZZ Top's "Driving While Blind." Always take advice from anyone who sends you weeed through the mail. The You Know What were also on the bill. Their guitarist Jenny has been very supportive of us and MWTB.

Set list: Albert Hoffman; Drug City; Shooting Spree; Escape From Daytop; Stone Gett-Off; Breakin Shit’ Buy The Pound; Hooked On Drugs; Dusted; I Live To Get High.

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