Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday 7/19/07 @ Cake Shop, NYC

7/19/07 by Braino

Federales 7/19/07 flyer by Pheck.
Federale's record release party. These guys know every band in NYC but were nice enough to ask us to play. What a great night this was. We played really well because we had just finished recording the Mighty High...In Drug City CD so we were very tight. We even got paid! Our crowd was very drunk and made a big impression on the rest of the audience. Mark from The Saloonatics told everyone that he loved them and later puked all over Brooklyn trying to find his bicycle.

Blood City Shackup and Rope also played. Rope is Josh Clark, one of the engineers at the Seaside Lounge recording studio. His back up band this night was Antietam, the pride of Louisville. I met Mark and Tara of Antietam many, many years ago through the guys in Kinghorse.

Set list: Hooked On Drugs; Buy The Pound; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; Escape From Daytop; Breakin Shit; Drug City; I Live To Get High; Dusted; T.S. Elliot ; Mighty High.

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