Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday 10/15/07 @ Southpaw, Brooklyn

Seizures Palace party 10/15/07 by Brain O)))
This was a party celebrating the 5th anniversary of Jason LaFarge's Seizures Palace Recording Studio, the place where Mighty High...In Drug City was created. If you ever need a place to record, this is it. The place has a lot of great history. "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock was done there, as well as Iggy Pop's Instict album and The Ramones' Brain Drain LP. Bill Laswell uses the place a lot and some Sonic Youth albums were recorded there, but don't hold that against Jason!

Also on the bill was Child Abuse and the incredible free rock improv ensemble Steve Mackay & The Blue Prostitutes. In case you don't know, Steve Mackay is the sax player for The Stooges. Got lots of great stories from the man himself.

Set list: Hooked On Drugs; Drug City; The Mooche; Buy The Pound; Breakin Shit; Dusted; Shooting Spree; Stone Gett-Off; I Live To Get High; T.S. Eliot; Mighty High.

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