Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday 12/14/07 @ Club Midway, NYC

12/14/07 - POLICE STORY
This is the infamous show where we got shut down by the police in mid-song. The people at the club later told me that they've been raided many times but this was the first time they ever made a band stop playing.

With Puny Human and The Scrooges (Stooges tribute band made up of Boston all stars). John Wilkes Booth drove in from Long Island and didn't even get to play. In the end, it was OK because the club actually paid everyone what they owed them.

Set list: Albert Hofmann; Shooting Spree; Dusted; Hands Up; Breakin Shit; Drug City; Buy The Pound (forced to stop mid-song by NYC PD). Songs unplayed - The Mooche; I Live To Get High; Hooked On Drugs.

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