Monday, August 4, 2008

Gears of Rock review

Mighty High make no bones about what they stand for; getting high and rocking out. This under the influence quartet's latest stash ...IN DRUG CITY poignaintly captures the band's raucous rock 'n roll road to excess. This tightly-wound 12-track ode to good times has its fair share of cliches, but they are for the msot part kept in check and never overshadow the thunderous drums, pulsating bass, and mountainous riffs from rolling through like an express train billowing special smoke from its engine ("Dusted", "Breakin' Shit", "Shooting Spree"). Tongue in cheek vocals with titles like "Buy The Pound" and a keep it simple and rocking delivery also assist in giving off the bloodshot eyed aura, but despite the obvious liberal stance Mighty High takes on the war on drugs, this unit's unabashed Ramones meets Fu Manchu on the Cheech and Chong bus hard rock moxie carries the wallop that even straight edge kids can rise their fists and rock to. -Mike SOS

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