Monday, August 18, 2008 by Johnny Taint

Good Charlotte fan Johnny Taint (see photo below) really hated our record and gave it 2 out of 5 stars. (All mis-spellings in this review are the property of Mr. Taint).

Come on what the fuck is this? I mean I could careless what drugs people put into their bodies, shit I can’t really be a hypocrite when it come to this, but come on… With songs titles like, “Dusted”, “Buy The Pound”, & “I live To Get High” and band members with names like “Jesse D’Stills”, “TJ Whippets”, “Tommy Blow” and “Woody High”, am I really supposed to take this seriously. Here’s the thing whenever I see a band that is THIS over the top into telling people they like drugs, I just think their a bunch of Beavis and Butthead idiots. So I figure with a band being this over the top about something the music itself would be too. I was expecting a ridicules NOFX style pro-drug anthem punk rock that would make me laugh my ass off. Well..I was wrong! These dopeheads are completely serious and have hit the bong way too many times to think that this 80’s pot induced rock would make anyone other than a bar full of stoners excited. Instead of using ripped off stoner are from drug art icon R. Crumb, they should have used a plain black and white cover that simple said “ROCK MUSIC”, it’s that generic. They should have saved the money from recording and releasing this shit stain of a CD and bought some heroin to overdose and die.

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