Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mighty High 2009 official biography

Brooklyn’s #1 regressive rock act returns on wax in 2009 with a brand new single. Released on their homegrown label Mint Deluxe Tapes it expands on their patented Black Flag Railroad sound. “Cable TV Eye” can be found on Side Mint of the 45 and is a tale of ordinary paranoia at the check cashing place. Side Deluxe features a rowdy take of “Hands Up!(Live N Nasty)” captured in the raw at one of their deafening concerts. Recording and mixing was handled by Jason LaFarge (Devendra Banhart, Khanate, Angels of Light) at the historic Seizures Palace studio in Brooklyn. Original artwork was created by longtime Mighty High illustrator Wayne Braino Bjerke, whose work has also graced the cover of The Dictators D.F.F.D. album and plenty of Iron Maiden and Zep vests.

Mighty High’s 2008 full length debut album …In Drug City earned rave reviews from Classic Rock Magazine (8 out of 10 stars), Julian Cope’s Head Heritage web site and Revolver Magazine among others (see below for exciting pull quotes). The editors of Classic Rock selected the song “Hooked On Drugs” to appear on a compilation CD entitled Guitarmageddon! that was included with the October 2008 issue. Mighty High sounded ridiculous in between songs by Dream Theater, Extreme and Megadeth but managed to attract a new international audience. Now everyone from teenage burnouts in California to old guys in Wales who saw Saxon on the Wheels Of Steel tour get baked listening to Mighty High. The band can also be found towards the top, if not #1, on High Times Magazine’s monthly Pot 40 chart that is voted on by its readers.

A power trio trapped in the body of a quartet, the band was formed in 2002 by Woody High (guitar/voices) out of sheer necessity. Mighty High existed as a band name, concept and denim jacket long before a single note of music was ever played. In fact, when Woody came up with the band name he couldn’t even play guitar (and still can’t). After years of bragging how great his band would be, his friends challenged him to put up or shut up. Tommy Blow (bass), TJ Whippets (guitar) and Jesse D’Stills (drums) share Woody’s blurred vision for a total assault on our dull, sober society.

To date, Mighty High is the only band in the world to have ever played with both Thor and Valient Thorr. They have also shared the stage with great bands such as Angry Samoans, Viking Skull, The Brought Low, Federale, Backwoods Payback, Puny Human, The Saloonatics, The Suede Brothers, The Black Hollies, Goat Horn and Mess With The Bull. They also love playing with tribute bands such as Sabbra Cadabra (Black Sabbath), Gimmiehead/Lizzyhead (Motorhead/Thin Lizzy), The Murderlators (Misfits) and The Scrooges (The Stooges in low budget Santa outfits).

Mighty High Drops A Deuce is only a whiff of what’s to come in 2010. The band has half of their next album recorded and are frantically writing the other half of it. There will be plenty of live assaults in the remainder of 2009 to keep the band under police surveillance. Stay high and survive!

“Mighty High…In Drug City effortlessly surfs the tsunami thrown up by AC/DC’s Let There Be Rock-period as though redirected through Grand Funk.” – Julian Cope, Head Heritage

“Positively relentless and gorgeous in its shameless vulgarity. Awesome.” – Classic Rock Magazine (June 2008)

“As the name suggests, their cues come from whatever chemicals they’ve just ingested, but near-lethal doses of MC5, Blue Cheer and Grand Funk contribute to the chaos as well.- Classic Rock Magazine (October 2008)

"Fucking insidious drug-punk riff shift combo veering between 1971 (The MC5's High Time) and uh... 1971 (Grand Funk's E Pluribus Funk).” - Craig Regala, Lollipop

“Sounds like Black Flag tokin', snortin', and shootin' up with Grand Funk Railroad.” – Revolver Magazine

“It’s more than just a clever name — these dudes are seriously fucked up.” - JJ Koczan, The Obelisk

“This band launches into its songs with a strong bold mighty rock ‘n’ roll like something AD/DC or Ted Nugent might have done back in the day.” – New York Waste

“Too punk for metal and too metal for punk, Mighty High revives the other late 80s punk/metal crossover scene than spawned the likes of Gang Green and SNFU and they also draw on the wild, inebriated humor of Adrenalin OD.” - Rock and Roll and Meandering Nonsense

“I can’t imagine anyone not liking this. Unless you are put off by lyrical topics such as drugs, drugs, drinking, drugs, drugs, violence, drugs and drugs.” – The Sluge Swamp

"Mighty High basically sounds like a classic rock cover band who decided to take their cues on what was cool from a couple of fourteen-year-old stoners with leather jackets and a Steve Miller fixation." - Razorcake

“The album actually has a bass solo, just to prove that too much drugs really can fuck you up.” – (Australia)

“Come on what the fuck is this?” – Johnny Taint, Punk Rock Review

“Bought it, played it and didn't like it...oh well, its not the first time!” – customer review

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