Monday, October 12, 2009

Mighty High head shop

Buy direct from us via paypal! If you want to send us a check or take your chances with cash in the mail, contact us via email for instructions.

Mighty High Drops A Deuce 7-inch single on colored wax. CABLE TV EYE b/w HANDS UP! (LIVE N NASTY)

Drops A Deuce single - $5 postpaid in the USA

Drops A Deuce single - $10 postpaid international

Mighty High...In Drug City CD, 12 songs and 40 minutes of stone gett-off.

...In Drug City CD - $10 postpaid in the USA

...In Drug City CD - $15 postpaid international

Stone Gett-Off t-shirt, the red & the black ink on a white shirt. (please specify size - S/M/L/XL)

Stone Gett-Off shirt - $10 postpaid in the USA

Stone Gett-Off shirt - $15 postpaid international

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