Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stonerrock.com review

Brooklyn’s Mighty High marked their fifth year of existence by releasing ...In Drug City. It's an energetic release that is sure to satisfy many.

As one might assume by the band’s name, Mighty High is a fan of the green (or of drugs in general). This album is full of twelve high octane anthems in praise of illegal substances. There seems to be a tongue in cheek and party vibe to these songs - the song titles are reminiscent of Bongzilla's (i.e. drug related). Punk dominates Mighty High’s sound, and though the style is not known for its musical techniques, these are some talented musicians. The guitar solos are economical and fit the songs well, and the bassist has very tasty lines ala Steve Harris. This is another of those bands who sound like they would be great to see live.

Mighty High want to get high and have the listener get a contact buzz. Their anthems will have you hooked, just like an addict.

Reviewed by Matthew Tranker (StonerRock.com)



Nokenicus said...

Hola, pasando a saludar y tambien para invitarte a que pases y veas mi blog a ver si encuentras algo de tu agrado y si te gusta intercambiemos enlaces, una suerte de fucionar dendritas o algo asi diria yo,je.
Saludos y hasta la proxima.

Woody High said...